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Custom modems based on the DVB-S2 waveform

Product image of a DVB-S2 including DVB-S2 modem and DVB-S2 receiver

Get support for a range of customer applications

Based on the digital video broadcasting — satellite — second generation (DVB-S2) waveform standard DVB-S2, our DVB modems support commercial and military systems, IPSTAR, 风, 和TSAT. These custom modems span 4 Mbps to 1500 Mbps user data rates and operate in C-, Ku-, and Ka-bands.

Product image of a DVB-S2 modem

Viasat can meet complex & 定制设计需求

Our modems incorporate complex (turbo/LDPC-based codes, higher order modulation, and high-speed) digital modems with implementation loss from theory around 0.5 dB. The DVB-S2 modem operates within 0.35 dB of theory with a QPSK rate 1/2 code running at 50 Msym/ sec.


We have also developed several distinct modems or modem subsystems exceeding data rates of 300 Mbps using turbo/LDPC-based FEC, as well as modems optimized for low size, 重量, and power (SWaP) applications.

Ruggedized for on-ground/in-air operation

The Viasat highly integrated bandwidth-efficient advanced modulation (HI-BEAM) two-way modem is designed to provide high-speed, standards-based communication in a low SWaP environmentally-sealed package. Rigorously designed to work on ground vehicles, 滨海浮标, fixed masts and towers, the HI-BEAM also operates on fixed-wing propeller aircraft and helicopters.



Low SWaP, easy transport

The Viasat DVB-S2 Mini-Receiver 5100 is an innovative satellite communications device leveraging the power and bandwidth efficiencies of the DVB-S2 waveform standard.


This DVB-S2 receiver’s low SWaP makes it ideal for transportable and small form factor satellite terminals, enabling deployed warfighters to securely access core Global Information Grid (GIG) services while on the move.



Key industries and applications

  • Image of desert land leading up to hills with a country's border running down the middle

    Real-time video/communications and cybersecurity

  • Military ship out at sea

    Mobile satellite communications for land, air, and sea

  • Group of four military personnel wearing green clothing talking out in the field

    C2 communications to coordinate forces and missions

  • Soldier in the field crouching down looking out over a desert town
    国防 and homeland

    Secure communications across the battlespace

  • Private jet flying against a bright blue sky

    Real-time Intelligence, 监测, and Reconnaissance (ISR) from the tactical edge to the enterprise

  • Three soldiers on watch out in the field with a helicopter flying above
    Situational awareness

    Live, clear 360-degree views of the battlespace in the fog of war


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